Cutitronics offers data-driven insights to help therapists recommend and dispense the precise amount of the correct product to suit each individual clients
Scottish skincare specialists Cutitronics and ishga have joined forces to introduce new skincare technology into UK spas.

Glasgow-based beautytech company Cutitronics was founded in 2014 by Dr David Heath who invented a ‘Fitbit’ for skincare.

The company provides a device and mobile app to analyse skin in real-time by drawing on a wide range of external factors – such as weather conditions and location – to recommend and dispense the precise amount of the correct product to suit that consumer, according to their unique skincare needs on that particular day.

This technology will blend seamlessly with ishga’s marine product range, supporting consumers to achieve optimal results and ensuring closer engagement between therapists and clients following spa visits.

A funding grant from Highlands and Islands Enterprise enabled the companies to come together in an R&D partnership to explore a solution that will help ishga stand out and scale-up in the crowded but lucrative global beauty market, currently worth US$603bn.

Leon Trayling director at ishga said: “By working with Cutitronics to explore innovative solutions to problems facing all spas, ishga is positioning itself firmly at the leading edge of the industry. We aim to demonstrate transparency in what our products can achieve for customers and provide an adaptable omnichannel approach to treatment delivery”.

Wilma McDaniel commercial director at Cutitronics added: “Right from our early discussions, it was clear the combination of ishga formulations and Cutitron technologies could deliver a 21st-century skincare solution that brings fantastic results to consumers and therapists.

“Our vision is for Cutritronics’ suite of technologies to be strategically white-labelled to leading skincare brands, starting with ishga, adapting and tailoring the devices to suit the specific brand.

“Within spas, our technology will be integrated into the entire client experience, empowering the therapist by streamlining the appointment process and offering them objective, data-driven insights on their client’s unique skincare requirements.

“In turn, spa users will be able to extend the experience beyond the appointment itself, taking home the ishga formulations they’ve tried during their treatments and, with continued support from their consultant, begin to see their desired skincare results at home.”