At the heart of each formula, THÉMAÉ combines assets that work synergistically, for absolute efficacy and well-being. The COMPLEXE DES 4 THÉS® (4 TEA COMPLEX) is an exclusive asset obtained from a precious precisely mixed blend of green Tea, black Tea, white Tea and blue Tea, whose synergy produces exceptional antioxidant effects.

Black Tea
Blue Tea
Green Tea
White Tea
complex of 4 teas

The THÉMAÉ laboratory has developed a totally unique technology, the Complexe des 4 Thés®. The concept is to use the protective force from not only a single Tea, but from 4 Teas that nature offers us in a palette of colours. It concentrates the antioxidant and antiradical power of Polyphenols extracted from 4 premium Teas : white Tea + green Tea + black Tea + blue Tea. It intervenes at the cellular level as a “high protection shield” antioxidant and anti-aging.