Massages – Revitalise and De-Stress


Revitalising Back Massage (25 mins / 50mins) – A deep muscle massage uses pressure, kneading and Thai stretching movements for total relaxation of the back and legs. Tension is released and the back is revitalised, feeling calm and restored. “Great massage. Focuses so much on the back. I felt tension in muscles I didn’t know I had”

Oriental Relaxing Massage (50mins / 75mins) – Rooted in western tradition combined with enveloping eastern massage movements with long kneading strokes to release tension and provide deep relaxation. A feeling of well-being is enhanced while easing the mind and body.

Cocoon Massage (50mins / 75 min) – Gentle and enveloping, this massage improves blood flow and relaxes the leg and back muscles to relieve tension and discomfort related to pregnancy. Ideal for expectant mothers seeking a little  “me” time to feel lighter, more relaxed and radiant. * recommended after the first trimester to the end of the pregnancy.

New mom massage (50mins) – A relaxing and soothing massage designed to reconnect the new mom with her body after giving birth. This massage is perfect to deeply release legs and back tensions for a genuine sensation of lightness. * recommended at least one month after giving birth.

Lightweight Detox Massage (50 mins / 75 mins) – A treatment combining the effectiveness of draining the body with a relaxing back massage. Tensions disappear, the muscles are detoxified to reveal a firmer, slimmer and more toned skin. Enjoy a series to reach optimal desired results.

Slimming Treatments

Celluli’Thé slimming treatments (50 / 75 min) – A slimming treatment incorporates several massage techniques and a green tea detoxifying algae wrap, to activate the cells metabolism, leading to a visible and measurable difference in just a few sessions. Rediscover the suppleness and firmness of youthful skin with the signature slimming massage that combines deep relaxation with toning and firming. Enjoy in a series to reach optimal desired results.

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