Facials / Ceremonies – Purify and Hydrate


Original Beau’tea facial (50 / 75 minutes) – An intensive anti-ageing treatment combining the effectiveness of micro-dermabrasion and infusion of collagen to combat wrinkles, loss of elasticity and reduce the appearance of sun damage. The lifting power of the massage, Ridoki and Nouat-naa techniques give an original, rejuvenating sensory journey. A foot and arm invigorating massage ensures total relaxation. The skin is toned, tightened and lifted and contours are redefined. “Ridoki felt really nice on my face and the Nouat-Naa was very refreshing”

Hydra’tea Treatment (50 minutes) – An essential moisturising treatment combines relaxing strokes and exclusive massage techniques to regenerate stressed and dehydrated urban skin. Hydration and nourishment are key to this exceptional skin soothing treatment. The skin is fresh, intensely moisturised and illuminated.

Puri’tea Treatment (50 mins) – Associated with a soothing gesture, this purifying care rids the skin of it’s impurities. The skin is clear, the complexion is sobered, it reveals all it’s brilliance.

Hydra Pure’tea Treatment for men (50 minutes) – Specifically designed for stressed and tired skin, this detoxifying facial diminishes the effects of stress and fatigue on male skin by deeply detoxifying and replenishing moisture to the skin.

Green-Tea Facial (25 minutes) – A radiance boosting facial eliminates dullness and signs of fatigue, revealing a fresh and glowing complexion using the anti oxidant properties of Green Tea. .


THÉMAÉ signature ceremony (75mins) – An all over signature treatment starting with a deep back massage, easing tension and creating a feeling of total relaxation, in preparation for the quench hydration facial to moisturise dehydrated tired skin. The journey continues with a relaxing scalp and foot massage.